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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I have just downloaded the repack of The Medium recently uploaded but I couldn't start the installer. when I try to start the setup file the icon appears and disappears fast. I have tried to disactivate the defender and cleared the temp files and restarted the pc but nothing worked. any help please and thanks @ScOOt3r
  2. hey guys i want to enter the repacking scene and want to know what are the resources and courses and skills .....etc i should get to start learning how to repack games? thanks
  3. plz make a repack JUST CAUSE 4 DAY ONE EDITION , thank you
  4. I'm getting this error, but this file doesn't seem to exist in any game folder. Is there any fix for this?
  5. Hi, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys uploaded the pokemon let's go pikachu and Eevee that's a switch game for pc on the emulator section. Thanks :)
  6. Please would someone repack this one. Many thanks Monster Hunter World Iceborne-PARADOX- https://filecrypt.cc/Container/FD02E7ADFB.html https://filecrypt.cc/Container/4716CF2CBB.html
  7. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas LINK DEAD. PLZ REUPLOAD
  8. When I enter the url I just get redirected to the letsupload.co main page.
  9. What's up people? Hopefully I find you all in good spirits. I somehow stumbled across this site and realized that it has a lot to offer. Especially for us new boots to start getting our feet wet with. I'm down and very much willing to learn this stuff! Is there anyone very knowledgeable about the leechers and generators who would be willing to take the time and walk me through a proper setup as well as assist me with whatever questions I may have. Maybe even share with me mistakes you or others have made and I desperately need to avoid from allowing to happen? After my startup i have no issues I'm doing firework footwork need. I'm talking more along lines of if I'm not able to place the puzzle pieces together later down the road, is their anyone willing to take me on as a project? I'm not completely ignorant I don't feel. Actually I might argue against that at times... But yeah, if you are willing to pick up a project/student I would greatly appreciate it. I can explain more later as to why I have such an interest in these things. Anyway again, if you accept the challenge, I'll do my best to make it easy on you. Thank you, whomever you may be, in advance. If you've got some sort of viable proof of your skills either from and education system or simply some sick [censored] street credit, do you mind disclosing that before we begin? I will have no qualms about releasing what I know and where I'm coming from with you.
  10. I played in the game in offline activation but one day my offline activation acc deleted or something so i downloaded the 1.0.6 virsion of CPY but when i put my legit 1.2.0 saves (i think) it doeant read the saves what to do?
  11. I Bought BF1 and when i change the video setting to ULTRA\HIGH its get Black Screen Please Help. (I Have GTX 780 TI And I5 2400)
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