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Found 6 results

  1. Information about the program: Issue year: 2020 Platform: Windows® 10/8 / 8.1 / XP / Vista / 7 Interface language: multilanguage. Medicine: Activator File size: 25.5 MB Program Description 5486734449 Nitroflare | Dropgalaxy | Uploadrar | Katfile [Hidden Content]
  2. Information about the program: Year of issue: 2021 Platform: Windows® 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 / Vista / XP Interface language: multilanguage Medicine: patch-bb2018 File Size: 31.00 MB IObit Uninstaller Pro - It will help you quickly remove unnecessary programs and folders from your computer. When the cumbersome built-in Add / Remove Programs dialog box fails to cope with the assigned task, IObit Uninstaller takes over and does its job effectively. Also, this is a free utility for uninstalling programs that does not require installation by itself. Unlike many other uninstaller programs, IObit Uninstaller allows you to uninstall any application and all its files without installing. This is a 100% clean uninstaller. Additional Information: • Simple and improved uninstallation The simple uninstall works similar to the standard Add / Remove Programs dialog, and the advanced uninstall also scans the Windows registry and hard drive, removing any traces left on the system. • Improved "Deep Analysis" option Now, the "Deep Scan" option performs an even deeper and safer scan, especially the traces left in the registry. • Batch uninstall Uninstall multiple applications at once with one click. • Search for unwanted programs with the Force Remove tool You can now search by program name in the Force Uninstall and Uninstall tool without closing the results window. • Delete toolbars with one click Tired of countless navigation panels? We offer the simplest and most effective solution. • Added "Do not create a restore point" option. You can now disable the "Create a restore point before uninstall" option in the enhanced uninstall mode. • Support for multiple languages • Free software, easy to use The program does not require any computer skills, just download and run it to remove all unnecessary programs What's new in version 10.3: • Improved leftover scanning to clean more files and registry entries • Improved uninstall engine to remove large programs more completely • Expanded database to remove 210 more stubborn programs • Added support for maximizing the Uninstall History and Installation Log details window • The reconfiguration problem with applications in Win 10 has been solved • Fixed all known bugs 5486734449 Nitroflare | Dropgalaxy [Hidden Content]
  3. Information about the program: Year of issue: 2021 Platform: Windows® 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP Interface language: Multilanguage Medicine: Not required File size: 24.73 GB DriverPack Solution is one of the most popular programs for automatic installation, update and driver search. It is a universal driver installation manager for all Windows versions. Unlike the driver update function built into Windows 7, this program can be used even without the presence of the Internet and to search / install drivers not only on devices of popular vendors (as is the case with Windows Update). The program is used by: • home computer users • system administrators • computer masters • service centers for computer repair • and other people who are often faced with installing / reinstalling Windows Pros in using the program: • interface, friendly and intuitive • intelligent driver classification technology • several installation modes (for a professional, for a novice user) • multilingualism (does not require linguistic knowledge and effort): English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Dutch, Lithuanian • checking the availability of new versions of the program (the ability to quickly and free of charge) Functionality of DriverPack Solution: • efficient and fast search for drivers • installation of drivers on almost any computer, in just a few minutes • carrying out a "downgrade" from Windows Vista to Windows XP (even if the manufacturer has not posted drivers for Windows XP on its website) • search and download the missing driver from the Internet, according to the specified driver application parameters • quick update of the existing set of installed drivers to more current versions • assistance in creating and using your own driver databases Key features: • Work with any driver packages (archives 7z, zip), for any OS starting from Windows XP • Work under both 32-bit and 64-bit • Possibility of group and custom installation of drivers • Ability to handle files finish in Bashrat packages • Transparent program setting (all parameters are changed through settings). All settings are stored in one ini file • Fast creation of a database of drivers (also the ability to create all databases with one button) • Friendly and responsive interface • View device list for local PC • View Daza drivers for the driver package • Ability to work from any media • Ability to add and run additional utilities from the program interface (to add, use the settings-parameters - additional utilities menu). Ie, to some extent, it can be used as an autorun for your collections • Check for program updates via the Internet • Possibility of silent installation • Multilingual interface The advantages of the program can be conditionally grouped into groups that are most relevant to users Availability • The program is free. • Moreover, unlike other "free" or shareware programs, it can be downloaded (ordered on disks), without additional steps: entering keys, codes, passwords. The installed full version of the program works correctly and does not require additional (often very tedious) actions from the user, for example, activating this version of the program. Installation • Simple, fast, safe. • The installed program will not negatively affect the operation of other applications and the system as a whole. The choice of modes (packages) of the installation allows users of various levels of training to work with it. Using • Saving time on independent search and installation (reinstallation) of drivers. • User confidence in the correct operation of the system, with new drivers. Updates • Ability to automatically search and install new versions of drivers and useful utilities. Result • Saving time, effort, money and other resources. • Efficient work of the computer, system, no problems when installing new equipment, increasing the performance of already installed equipment. Functionality DriverPack Solution 17: • Efficient and fast search for drivers • installation of drivers on virtually any computer, just a few minutes • an "downgrade" from Windows Vista to Windows XP (even if the manufacturer has not posted on its website the driver under Windows XP) • search and download the missing driver from the Internet, according to set parameters of the driver • Quickly update an existing set of installed drivers to more recent versions • Assist in creating and using your own database driver The program is suitable for all models of computers. That includes drivers for laptops: Acer, ASUS, HP, Dell, MSI, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Siemens, eMachines, Packard Bell, Clevo, BenQ, Notebook, IBM, Apple, Intel, LG, Compaq, Depo, NEC, Gericom, Matsushita, Medion, K-Systems, Gigabyte, SiS, Gateway. It will help download free drivers for: Motherboard, sound card (audio), Video Card, Network Card, Wi-Fi, chipset, controller, Bluetooth (bluetooth), Modem, Web-camera, card reader, CPU, input devices, monitor, printer, scanner, USB, Other ... Changes in version 17.10.14: • Updated driver packs to version 21020 5486734449 Nitroflare [Hidden Content]
  4. Information about Soft Title: Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers Category: Drivers Developer: Realtek Semiconductor Corp Release year: 2020 Operating system: Windows® XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 Interface language: multilanguage File size: 200 Program Description 5486734449 Nitroflare | Dropgalaxy [Hidden Content]
  5. Software version: 20.11 Official site: samlab.ws/soft/samdrivers | driveroff.net/soft Interface language: Multilanguage Treatment: not required Size: 661 Mb Program description SamDrivers version only with drivers for network equipment (network LAN and wireless Wi-Fi / WLAN devices).Special programs are used as shell installers for autodetecting your hardware and automatically installing the necessary drivers: DriverPack Solution 16.19 / Drivers Installer Assistant 8.02.20 / Snappy Driver Installer 1.18.11 + Drivers Backup Solution 3.90.21 wrapper for backup drivers. The collection includes the most current drivers on the release date collected personally SamLab. The driver packs included in the collection are: drivers\DP_LAN_Intel_20124.7z drivers\DP_LAN_Others_20111.7z drivers\DP_LAN_Realtek-NT_20124.7z drivers\DP_LAN_Realtek-XP_20090.7z drivers\DP_WLAN-WiFi_20124.7z System requirements: Any version of Windows from XP to 10 (32bit-64bit) Whats New: updated driver packs 12/2020 5486734449 Nitroflare | Dropgalaxy [Hidden Content]
  6. See more images Information about the program: Issue year: 2020 Platform: Windows® 10/8 / 8.1 / XP / Vista / 7 Interface language: multilanguage. Medicine: Activator File size: 32 MB Program Description 5486734449 Nitroflare | Dropgalaxy [Hidden Content]
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