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Found 2 results

  1. Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate AIO Questions & answers, GAME DISCUSSIONS TOPIC LINKS MOVED TO CRACKS, UPDATES AND FIXES SECTION Links: HERE I want you guys to give me requests (within reason) for content to be added, what cars to make into monster vehicles, to slam, which manufacturer wheels do you want to be able to purchase, make drag vehicles and any other ideas you guys can think of, just ask. If you see an idea you like, hit like on the post so I can see which ideas are gaining popularity.
  2. Hey everyone, I haven't seen a lot of people online posting mods or much on FH3 except a few tutorials on youtube so I figured I would start one right here. I've been modding Fh2 on console for years and when I heard about the Dev release of FH3 on PC I had to get on it. I plan on putting everything up to share once I get more done (unless you really want me to sooner and just add updates every few days) because there are so many vehicles and options for an endless variation of mods. If anyone has a request for anything feel free to let me know. The tundra monster truck (with proper suspension physics) Datsun drag car
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