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About Me

Found 25 results

  1. Hello guys, i'm new here. I want to download games here because i'm broke. Thank you for your work
  2. Hey Everyone iam from Slovakia smally city in west,very passionate in all bethesda games,especialy fallout 3,i had finished fallout 3 first time on xbox 360 2014 and to this day best days ever since then i have switched to pc and after day every day is just a strugle to see what possibilities pc mods offers,i have played only fallout 3 wanderers edition and just wanted something more but with my job i dont have so much time to look after thousands of mods in nexus so just today randomly found about this site and this fallout 3 repack
  3. Good afternoon. We shall revel in Darck Repacks. Thank you to all contributors.
  4. I'm looking forward to the future of the Darck Repacks community
  5. Hello, I'm new here. THx for this
  6. Hi everyone! New hooman (yeah, believe me it is true) member here. Noice to meet you all!
  7. Hello to all the community ! I was looking for the perfect repack for a specific game on search engines when I found a Darck Repacks. I was amazed by the works quality so I decided to know more about Darck... And now I'm here! I'm a bit ashamed for having discovered this forum so late, but know that I'm very happy to join the you all ! Have a great week and see you soon
  8. Glad that the site is back.
  9. Hi everyone, I found this site through the crackwatch subreddit on reddit. I actually tried to access this site a couple of weeks ago but the site was down so I joined the discord. Happy to see the site is back!!!
  10. Hello Everyone first time here.
  11. Peace be upon you all and Hello! So I am new here and I found this site while downloading repacks I visited here and it reminds me of a site for which I use to work and now that repack site is closed. Bty I was designer there I read some topics here before sign up and was very happy as mostly are Muslims like myself and also others who are also very kind and good I think that maybe I will be a little helpful here and I will try my best to raise this site UP So Yeah, that's all I think and one more thing feel free to ask me anything and I am better at solving issues PC Gaming Issues Regards Mr. Glitch
  12. Yo I'm new I just found out about What a repack is so I'm like a normie or noob idk I like memes and cats >.> my skills (that's what I call them ) Photoshop - Intermediate After effects - Experienced Premiere Pro - Experienced Piracy Stuff - Beginner level -1 If there's something I can do to help the community count me in for anything
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm just a self-taught artist who draw mostly unimportant pics ^o^ but sadly on hiatus now (my mind feel empty lol) and to fill my bored days I found this site that help me so much... so even with my potato PC, I still can enjoy some games to "make my day". Thanks for the great works darck Now I feel my passion for drawing again
  14. Hello peeps , my name is Mike , i'm 33 yo dude from Romania that enjoys video games. I really appreciate your peeps work (high quality) and i'll be happy to be a part of this community.
  15. Greetings all, I'm Darhk Citadel. I recently find myself with A LOT more time on my hands so I'm finally expanding my online communities and luckily I came across this one.
  16. Hello DarckRepacks lover. My regards from Indonesia, city of Aceh. I wish you all the best. may the world recover from covid-19 & we can smile back with family & friends
  17. Hi. I figured this was worth joining, though I don't really understand much of what this site actually is. I do miss being on an active forum though, so I hope to chat with you guys and have a good time. I'm a bit mentally ill, so I probably won't post too much, as my anxiety freaks me out with judgement of others on my thoughts. That said though, I will try my best to be part of the community.
  18. Hello I upload games on google drive . I was only doing it for FitGirl till now , just discovered this site . im 18 and from India :) PS : I cant post in Movies or TV Series Section :(
  19. Hello everyone! I've been lurking around this site for a bit now and just decided to start posting. I was recommended to come here to get get games and movies. Everyone seems so nice so I'm excited to start being active on here! Sorry if I ask a lot of questions on a post, I'm new to all of this since I've been on mac for as long as I can remember.
  20. Hello everybody, Members from CP should know me. Lots of unexpected things happened in the last few days. Despite of all, we learn from mistakes and lets all stay and play safe. I'm new here. Learning about the site and community. Trying to follow the rules. Hope that you guys will help me and I will also do the same. Happy gaming and Happy new year.
  21. Hi, my name is Alphinx. Interested in lots of games of random genre. Likes listening to music too. Hope to see you guys on the forums :)
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