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About Me

  1. Hi everyone! New hooman (yeah, believe me it is true) member here. Noice to meet you all!
  2. yoo what's good I'm new around here, this place is so sick already
  3. Hey everyon, excited to grow my ever growing archive of games and meeting new frens
  4. Hello guys So i'm nenoo, i'm level 31, i'm a linux user (wait wuuuuuut) i love vidya gamu Hope to enjoy my time with you hoomans =)
  5. Just joined darck repacks, looks awesome
  6. Hi all my name is denfer83 47 years, french guys i love a game(cod, bf, forza ect...) I hope to go some way with you see you soon
  7. Hey hi bros I am new here just introducing myself and this site, it's amazing.......
  8. New member in the house 😅 I hope to make new friends, share and get to know each and everyone of you apart of this community 🙂.
  9. Hi everyone, I found this site through the crackwatch subreddit on reddit. I actually tried to access this site a couple of weeks ago but the site was down so I joined the discord. Happy to see the site is back!!!
  10. hello im a "newb" here, i come from another planet and would like to know more about "cracking" this so called "games" seems interesting since in planet Gloyon we don't have any form of entertainment... jk i just live in phil with no money thats why im here
  11. uhhh not sure if this is the right forum but i just wanna ask. how to change my game's (ni no kuni) text language into Japanese?
  12. sup people, new here, the quest for playing full franchise of assassins creed has bought me here....well i would love to enjoy my time here though....
  13. Hi everyone! First timer here. Seen a lot good about you over reddit. So I guess it's time I jump in and say hello and hope you all doing well Best regards!
  14. Yo I'm new I just found out about What a repack is so I'm like a normie or noob idk I like memes and cats >.> my skills (that's what I call them ) Photoshop - Intermediate After effects - Experienced Premiere Pro - Experienced Piracy Stuff - Beginner level -1 If there's something I can do to help the community count me in for anything
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm just a self-taught artist who draw mostly unimportant pics ^o^ but sadly on hiatus now (my mind feel empty lol) and to fill my bored days I found this site that help me so much... so even with my potato PC, I still can enjoy some games to "make my day". Thanks for the great works darck Now I feel my passion for drawing again
  16. Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well! Found this community through reddit and I'm excited to be on here. Seems like there's a lot of great content.
  17. Hello boys!!! I'm new here, from Malaysia and i wish you good luck and I'm very happy to be here to share or to learn something new here. This site is the one of the best repacks sites I have join.. Regard, Razif aka Kuntai
  18. Greetings all, I'm Darhk Citadel. I recently find myself with A LOT more time on my hands so I'm finally expanding my online communities and luckily I came across this one.
  19. Hello my name is AlderDice. Or call me Alder for short. I'm quite new to all of this, and since I'm off from work might as well be productive.
  20. Hello DarckRepacks lover. My regards from Indonesia, city of Aceh. I wish you all the best. may the world recover from covid-19 & we can smile back with family & friends
  21. Hi, I am a Linux user interested in playing repacks from old games and maybe trying to make the repacks more Linux friendly. There is a repack howto or tutorial I can follow? I am having trouble to install The Witcher 3 - Special Edition. I already unpacked the Release but it seems darck uses a custom inno setup build. With more info maybe I can found a good wine configuration to help me and other users. Thanks!
  22. Hello! I'm just a fellow online traveler who stumbled onto this forum while i was looking for another repack site other than fitgirl. if your here chances are you've heard about her packs... they weren't what i was after tho as hers seem to take forever to install... I was actually looking for the discord of the scene known as the ones who repacked need for speed heat..... they are shutdown tho so here i am.. ready to meet new people and give and receive knowledge repacks and repack testing... also even online storage along with invites to some awesome places.... ssl is just a hint.... and its where i get most of my codex and other pc games.... I am aware that a lot hit antivirus software but that's due to analytics, and 99% of the time its a false positive.... also i reinstall my main os quite frequently so catching a virus isn't a worry of mine online... this pandemic on the other hand is kinda strange. I can say i've been healthy threw the whole thing and I hope others can say the same... I am glad to find a new place to make friends other than facebook as the whole social media has become very anti-social, and way too political for me to even bother with pretentious folk... i have like over 500 so called friends and no one watches my live streams or even looks at my modding videos or posts with youtube stuff except for the occasional family member... I have almost lost all desire to even go there. hopefully that wont happen here. I've made my presence known... now i wait and see if its friendlier and more social here than on the biggest social platform of the world.... or should i say antisocial platform... lol :)
  23. Hi. I figured this was worth joining, though I don't really understand much of what this site actually is. I do miss being on an active forum though, so I hope to chat with you guys and have a good time. I'm a bit mentally ill, so I probably won't post too much, as my anxiety freaks me out with judgement of others on my thoughts. That said though, I will try my best to be part of the community.
  24. Hello everyone! I've been lurking around this site for a bit now and just decided to start posting. I was recommended to come here to get get games and movies. Everyone seems so nice so I'm excited to start being active on here! Sorry if I ask a lot of questions on a post, I'm new to all of this since I've been on mac for as long as I can remember.
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