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Found 3 results

  1. Heavy Rain Repack Size: 12.3 GB Original Size: 32 GB Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Quantic Dream Publisher: Quantic Dream Platforms: Microsoft Windows HOW FAR WILL YOU GO TO SAVE SOMEONE YOU LOVE ? Play four different characters in this tension-soaked psychological thriller. Choose your next move carefully, as every decision may have dramatic outcomes. Spanning four days of mystery and suspense, the hunt is on for a murderer known only as “The Origami Killer” – named after his macabre calling card of leaving behind folded paper shapes at crime scenes. Each of the four characters follow their own leads, with their own motives. Directing their very actions, you have to prevent the killer from claiming a new victim. How this story ends is entirely up to you… This Repack is Updated to Latest Version v1.00 Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese Install Time 10 - 20 Minutes HeavyRain.nfo
  2. Rain of Reflections Chapter 1 Repack Size: 3.10 GB Original Size: 4.51 GB Genre: Adventure, Strategy Developer: Lionbite Games Publisher: Lionbite Games Platforms: Microsoft Windows OVERVIEW Rain of Reflections is an atmospheric, dystopian adventure game. Its turn-based strategic confrontations are uniquely centered around a motivation mechanic. Every move and choice made by the player is permanent and will have consequences on the world and its characters. The introductory chapter – “Set Free” – centers around Wilona, a scientist working towards a solution to our future world's sudden infertility. As she starts doubting the morality of the experiments, she decides to free the live subject – the lastborn child – from captivity. This will prove difficult, as powerful forces try to stop her. Actively choose every single line spoken by the protagonist, to convince, defuse or outsmart a variety of strong-willed, multifaceted characters in fully voice acted dialogues. Explore richly varied environments ranging from the sophisticated upper class Stem, to the flooded slums of the Trench, the twisted Temple, the heavily guarded Waste Plant and the coldly clinical Labs. Engage in a turn-based strategy system with a range of tactical options where you seamlessly can choose to move stealthily, speak or open fire with precise, calculated shots causing environmental destruction and affecting the enemy's motivation. Breach computer systems, crack locks and eavesdrop on radio frequencies through a variety of hacking puzzles. Choose how you play – point and click your character to where you want them to go using a mouse, or gain direct control of their movement with a gamepad. Contemplate every choice in a system that halts to await your every input, but make sure you tread lightly – once a choice is made, its consequences will be definitive and may affect characters living or dying and even the very outcome of the story... SCREENSHOTS SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS DOWNLOAD LINKS MAIN-DATA SPECIAL NOTES This Repack is Updated to Latest Version v1.01 Install Time 3-5 Mins Rain of Reflections.nfo REPACK NFO
  3. The game shipped without console commands—this mod fixes that. Solid city builder Surviving Mars didn't ship with console commands, but thanks to one modder you can add any cheats you want in just a few clicks. Want to quickly erect three residential domes in a cluster and then rain asteroids down on them? That's an option. Want to remove all negative traits from your colonists to create a perfect oasis filled with hard-working, charming spacefarers? Yup, you can do that to. Grab the mod, called Expanded Cheat Menu, here. All you have to do is download a folder and place it in your game files, then enable the mod with the in-game mod manager. You can then use a number of different keyboard shortcut—detailed in the previous link—to open the cheat menu, the console, or an editor mode. Digging into the photos on the mod's Nexus page suggests that your options are broad. You can play around with the gravity settings, automate buildings, eliminate the need for maintenance, cure all illnesses and make your drones' batteries last forever, among other things. I wouldn't suggest it for new players but if, like me, you enjoyed the game and then drifted away from it then it could be worth popping back in for five minutes and playing around with the settings. I found the early game a bit of a struggle, so the prospect of cheating my way to the late game is pretty enticing. And if you haven't yet checked out Surviving Mars, Fraser's review is a good place to start. If you're a beginner, then here's a list of tips and tricks.
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