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The Future of Battlefield 1 - New Map, New Game Mode and More


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It’s been an exciting day for all you first person shooter out there. Having just had the Sci-Fi bonanza that is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare being released today, I’m sure they’ll be a lot of us having halcyon days shooting space dudes in space. But what if you’re not that kind of guy, what if you’re more 1900s? Well not to be outdone Battlefield 1 has released their planned updates to hit us this month and beyond and there's definitely some that will catch your eye. So let’s get into it.

New Free Map: Giant's Shadow


Taken to the Battle of the Selle in the cold autumn of 1918, this map features more of that laugh a minute trench warfare and open country we all love. A crashed airship casts a gloomy presence over the battlefield as the British make their advance towards an important railway centre. Fierce infantry and tank engagement will await them while everybody's favourite armoured train will be making an appearance.

Suez Map Tweaks

So as some of us may have picked up on, the Suez Map isn’t what we would call perfect at the moment, so after DICE taking on board player input we’ll soon be seeing five flags instead of three, a reduced capture area size in the map’s village (A&C) and (for teams who are being dominated) each team will get an armoured vehicle so one can get across the map and capture point behind enemy lines.


Hardcore Servers

What the hardcore among us have been pining for, it has been confirmed that Hardcore servers will coming real soon, so get your bad ass hat on and keep you eyes open.


The ever popular Battlefest, as well as having a catchy name, is headed our way for the 16th of November, including log-in rewards, a livestream, a unique Battle Pack revision, community missions and much much more.

Fog of War

The first official custom game so far, Fog of War will come alongside Battlefest. In this Team Deathmatch style match your visibility is anything but great. With barely any line of sight due to a lot of pesky fog, no name tags and no mini map, to us it sounds like a lot of bewildered fun.

New Tweaks and Improvements

During this November a general major update will be rolled out featuring game fixing tweaks and improvements as well as other extras such as Rent-a-Server-Program, improved matchmaking and better team balancing.

Round Up

So there you have it, our quick rundown of Battlefields recent announcement. In all fairness some of these prospects have us excited so we’ll be sure to check them out and hopefully some of these tweaks might get us closer to that glorious Ultra 60FPS.

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The last reply on this topic is older than 122 days. Please do not unnecessarily bump it. The most recent reply to this topic was posted 2277 days ago.

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