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The House of the Dead Tetralogy - Darck Repacks | 1.00 GB

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The House of the Dead series is developed by SEGA|WoW Entertainment and

published by SEGA. The Series revolves around agents teamed up to

take on hordes of biologically engineered undead or mutants.



  1. On December 18, 1998, the insane and disillusioned Dr. Roy Curien plans to mobilize his armies of undead against the unsuspecting populace. AMS agents Thomas Rogan and "G" are dispatched to his mansion to stop Curien and rescue Rogan's future wife, Sophie Richards.
  2. On February 26, 2000, Goldman, the man behind the Curien Mansion case, claims responsibility. Fueled by his detest of humankind's complete lack of responsibility toward its assigned task, Goldman initiates an undead outbreak on Venice while his Emperor project develops. Two new agents named James Taylor and Gary Stewart are sent in order to stop Goldman.
  3. In the post-apocalyptic world of 2019, Thomas Rogan and his team of commandos infiltrate the EFI Research Facility in hopes of finding the source of the planet's collapse. Losing contact with him, his daughter Lisa Rogan and his former partner "G" set out on a search and recover mission, unaware that what awaits them has ties to the distant past and the very genesis of the undead horde. Dr. Curien's son Daniel is also trying to prevent the disaster by destroying the legacy of his seemingly deceased father.















The House of the Dead: Here

The House of the Dead 2: Here

The House of the Dead 3: Here

The Typing of the Dead: Here



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epic unexpected release... i'll play house of the dead 3 xD thanks

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Wow Good Repacks @Dragneel Keep it Up..... :)

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