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How to Start Playing BF3 ZLO [Multiplayer]

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 This is tutorial of "How to Start Playing BF3 ZLO"


1. First create an account on ZLOEmu (email and password from this site will be needed for authorization in the game).
1.1 Download and install DirectX
1.2 Download and install NET Framework 4.5.2
1.3 Download and install Visual C 2010 x86
1.4 Install the latest drivers for your video card.
1.5 Install the latest drivers for your sound card.


2. Download the game client and install. HERE: http://zlotracker.org/27289
2.1 Install BF3.DLC.Pack from the downloaded folder.
2.2 Copy the content of the “CRACK” folder to your Battlefield 3 directory with replacement (it’s important). 2.3 Download Client.zip and extract to game folder HERE: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/AiXj/nFn1vj6Vy/bf3/Client.zip
2.4 Download our DLL and add to game folder HERE: http://zloemu.org/files/bf3/Launcher.dll
2.5 Update PunkBuster. You can download the updating utility. HERE: http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsetup.php
2.6 Install PunkBuster using THIS utility HERE: http://www.evenbalance.com/downloads/pbsvc/pbsvc.exe


3. Launch game using ZloBF3Launcher.exe
3.1 Log in to launcher using email and password from ZLOEmu
3.2 After that you will see the EA activation window. Type your email and password from ZLOEmu again.


WARNINIG:- If you cheat and got banned twice fenix will erase them HDD everything in if you have GTFO


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14 minutes ago, Shahzaib Ali said:

Will they format the whole partition

And what you mean by cheating

ehh Like if you play singleplayer game your progress is saved in "Documents" folder

Like wise if you play multiplayer, your game progress is saved on the HDD of fenix (Cracker) means if you use cheats like wallhack etc etc he will ban ban you but he will not delete ur data from his HDD...but if you try to make 2nd account and get caught he will delete ur ingame progress

NOTE:- Ban is for 30 days only...if you try to make 2nd account within 30 days and think that will continue using 1st after 30 days when I got unban than the above thing will happen with you

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