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Troll and I - Darck Repacks - From 4.56 {Selective Low Textures + HD Textures Pack download} | 4.56 GB / 6.46 GB / 6.94 GB


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troll wpi.jpg


Title: Troll and I™
Genre: Violent, Action, Adventure
Developer: Spiral House Ltd. 
Publisher: Maximum Games
Release Date: 21 Mar, 2017



Deep in the Nordic wilderness, a teenage boy named Otto is forced to flee his home after a band of brutal hunters rip through his village in search of a mythical creature rumored to inhabit the forest. Now on the run for his life, Otto inadvertently finds and befriends the elusive creature being sought by the hunters. Thus begins the perilous adventure of Troll and Otto. 

Together, the unlikely friends embark on a journey through treacherous territory plagued with rivals. Natives to the forest, Troll and Otto must use their inherent skills to sneak, strategize, and battle their way back home. The forest is filled with unknowns, and teamwork is pivotal to staying alive.


A Mythical Adventure. Befriend the fabled Troll and embark on a journey through the Nordic wilderness as two outcasts struggling to survive. 

Cooperative Split-Screen Multiplayer. Play through the story campaign locally with a friend.

Seamlessly Switch Characters. Swap between Otto and the Troll on the fly. Play as contrasting characters, each with a unique presence and gameplay functionality.

Diversified Combat. Choose your combat style based on the situation. Become the Troll and stomp hunters with your massive feet, or smash them with your giant fists. Switch to Otto for quick, nimble attacks and fast traversing. 

Terrain-Based Weapons and Crafting. Gather materials and craft deadly weapons that you’ll need to survive your journey.











Main Game Torrent (Necessary): HERE

 Main Game Single Link (Necessary) : HERE

 Main Game 1GB Links (Necessary) :


High Res Textures Pack Single Link {Selective Download}: HERE

High Res Textures Pack Torrent Link {Selective Download}: HERE

High Res Textures Pack 1GB Links {Selective Download}:


Low Res Textures Pack Single Link {Selective Download}: HERE

Low Res Textures Pack Torrent Link {Selective Download}: HERE

Low Res Textures Pack 1GB Links {Selective Download}:



PLZ READ NFO : You need either Low or High Texture Packs or both...installer is in main game archive!

don't forget to select one or both texture packs at installation ...otherwise game won't work !


NFO: Troll And I - Darck Repacks.nfo

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NFO Replaced my me...


Crack Used: Codex + Ali213 Fix + 3DM Fix

Executives: added Jeffery

Topic Design by: K1nG P1N

New NFO file also added :kp10:

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