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Quake - HD Edition (Including 5 Mission Packs) - Complete Overall - Darck Repacks | From 2.22 GB

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Title: QUAKE
Genre: Action
Developer: id Software
Publisher: id Software    
Release Date: 22 Jun, 1996



















This repack is a complete overall of Quake original game ...

It is the result of having mixed Definitive Quake Mod (Credits to @ModDB) and Epsilon Quake (Credits to @ModDB) and latest SMC (Small Mod Compilation).... also swapped a lot of models with High Polygones + HD skins (all monsters /weapons/items)

Textures have been massively upgraded to HD (Epsilon + Definitive) + custom textures from others modders...

Darckplaces latest officical engine used (2014)  + openal codec for reverb (sound mod)

Integrated FIX for FLICKERING textures !!! ... problem is all gone for nvidia cards !!!

Reworked AUTOEXEC.CFG to work with new skins/models, added smoke FX, Fog, bloom, HDR light, shadows...

Included Mission Packs (all running HD models + Skins + Textures):

Scourge of Armagon
Dissolution of Eternity
Abyss of Pendemonium
The Descent Reforged  2
Dimensions of the Past

Optional Expansions Pack (all running HD models + Skins + Textures):

Beyond Belief
The Myths

MINIMUN REQUIREMENTS : GTX 660 2GB to be able to play with full options @ 60 FPS .... GTX 770 and better is still recommend though for 1080P resolutions

Credits to :

My-Key ; Quake Reforged - Alfader ; Nergal ; Ruohis ; SMC - Seven ; OoPpEe ; Plague ; Andy Bay ; O.Sezer ; M. Lawrence ; FCZvyozdochka ; Webangel ; Nahuel ; Dresk ; Moo ; inkub0 ; romi ; AndehX ; Jakub1 ; Rygel ; Smith ; MH ; Lightning_Hunter ; PrimeviL ; Urre ; Zombie ; DrLabman ; Entar ; Spinvis ; Spike ; Wazat ; Seanstar ; Chip ; Ivana Gibson ; Nightfright ; ObiWan ; OSJC ; Arioh ; Fragger ; d1554573r ; Andrew Joll ; Tabun ; FriederikH ; Yellow ; Ogro ; Roy Batty ; daniocampo1992 ; Splitterface ; Bluntz



Repack  (2.22 GB) :


Google Drive Link   : HERE

Link  Archive.org : HERE

Torrent Link Archive.org : HERE


Optional Epansions Pack  (336 MB) :

stand alone installer included...

Google Drive Link   : HERE


OpenAL codec : oalinst.exe







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3 hours ago, UroshUchiha said:

I haven't tried this yet, but those in game screenshots look beautiful.

I did not show monsters in those screens ....let you discovers new models .... but be carefull: once you play it you cannot go back to original game!!! ...is it much faster game play and thus even more exciting ...it is has the same great sound/music ambience...Nine Inch Neils in HQ is just awesome and suits so well to the game!

...Quake 2 coming soon ... same quality :)

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some1 requested me this repack 

now i can tell him/her

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On 30/09/2018 at 4:15 PM, The Father said:

some1 requested me this repack 

now i can tell him/her

Quake HD trilogy done, i am uploading , Q2XP release today  +  just finished updating Duke Nukem Atomic 3d+ all DLC (DC, Nuclear Winter, Vacation) + Eduke + HRP pack + new voxels + HD zpack (weapons)  + in game XXX art + DukePlus addon  ...also doing UNIQUE Duke Nukem 3D Foverer 2013 + HRP packs

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