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Darck - Rules & Guidelines

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Site & Forum Rules

1) General Rules :-

  1. Only English language is allowed in this site.
  2. Spamming, trolling, offensive posting such as 18+ content, bad language will not be tolerated.
  3. Use only decent language on the site.
  4. Do not post any adult oriented material such as pornographic images, text, videos, links etc.
  5. Do not act disrespectfully or abuse other's and specially Staff Members, only clean and ironic jokes are allowed.
  6. Offending Or Racist Content is Prohibited, We're Not Making War Here! Keep It Nice! 
  7. Do not ask for personal information from other members and Staff Members.
  8. Do not post any advertising, i.e. referral URL's on the site.
  9. Creating multiple accounts is not allowed.
  10. Please only use the specific section for their respective purposes.

2) Topics Posting :-

  1. Do not post fake cracks or programs containing adware/malware/viruses.
  2. Do not make Game Offers (Offline Activations, Account Sharing, Giveaways) without Admin Approval.
  3. Do not post useless posts and keep them relevant to the topic you are posting on.
  4. Do not just copy and paste the written content from other websites
  5. Writing Topic Titles And/Or Posts in Symbols And With Wrong Tags Are Prohibited!
  6. Spamming, And Posting Off-Topic Contents is Strictly Prohibited!
  7. Avoid Double Posting! If You Find Any Error Or Something, PM Any Admin! 
  8. You Should - At All Times - Refrain From Posting Any False Information!
  9. Posting Links To Untested Files/Malware/Spyware/Adware/Viruses is Strictly Prohibited! Cross-Check Before Posting!

Important Notes:

  • The General Rules also applied.

3) Chatbox Rules :-

  • English Only, No Spam/Trolling/Bad Language/18+ Content/RePacK Requests/No Warez/Account Sharing

Important Notes:

  • Do Not Use The Chatbox For Requests Or Support. Users Who Don't Follow This Rule Will Be Given A Warning Point!
  • Abusing Or Being Offensive On Other Users Will Not Be Tolerated And Would Be Banned From The Chatbox!
  • The General Rules also applied.

Guidelines for Members

1) Personal Messenger (PM) :-

  1. Only PM the Admins if you have a problem with the Account/Site and with Staff Members.
  2. Only PM the Super Mod/Moderator if you have a problem with Members/Donors/ViP.

Important Notes:

  • Do Not PM Any Admin/Mod For Getting Your Warning Point Removed! Once Given It Won't Be Removed Unless It's A Temporary Warning!
  • Staff members of this server reserve the right to remove any message for any of the reasons above. If anyone has any objection against any staff please PM any Admin for compliant.

2) Becoming Donors/ViPs :-

  1. For Becoming A VIP, You've To Work Hard On Our Forums By Posting Helpful Topics, Helping Out Members, Follow And Obey All The Rules, Keeping Good Relations With Members, Reporting Various Bugs In The Forums, Bringing Out New Innovative Ideas For Darck, Etc! It Won't Be That Tough For The Benefits You'll Get!  
  2. For Becoming A Donor, It's Easier! Just Requires You To Donate Money To Darck For Various Purposes!
  3. You can help in any way you would like as long as you follow the Site/Forum rules!
    You can also help keep the Site clean, by reporting duplicate/trashed Topics.
  4. Donors - Have To Donate Minimum Of $2, They'll Get A Donor Rank.


  • Doing Any Of Those Above Will 1st And For Most - Will Keep You Under Our Attention And Concern! 
  • Darck is Pro In Providing It's Members With Cracked Accounts! So Here's An Upper Hand For The Donors And VIP's! And Mostly The Highlights Would Be The Uncrackable Denuvo Games!
  • The Biggest Thing is you will get Darck Nuvo Activation (DNA) With Discount or Free!
  • You're one step closer to join the Staff Team.
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