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Screen-shots from upcoming latest work of mine : MORROBLIVION 

based on this tutorial :


this will give you and idear of what has been done/added to this cross-over game between Morrowind and Oblivion

Oblivion: 5.6 GB

Morrowind : 4.8 GB

MORROBLIVION + MODS : 52 GB !!!! (30 GB of new optimized and HD textures + meshes) + 5 GB of new sounds and music !!!  + new menus/videos + others goodies to make it play at 40/45 FPS with no stutter on a gtx 780 3 GB

YOU WILL NEED GTX 680 Minimun to play this game !! + good CPU and 8 GB Ram minimum

GTX 1060 6GB recommended for full FX and ultra HD LOD landscape experience !!

GTX 1080 will rock it !!


Oblivion20181209 19.26.25.jpgOblivion20181210 01.14.25.jpgOblivion20181210 01.18.49.jpgOblivion20181210 01.19.14.jpgOblivion20181210 02.45.04.jpgOblivion20181210 02.45.11.jpgOblivion20181211 19.19.54.jpgOblivion20181211 19.21.44.jpgOblivion20181211 19.27.39.jpgOblivion20181211 19.28.12.jpgOblivion20181212 19.04.43.jpgOblivion20181212 19.05.14.jpgOblivion20181212 19.06.40.jpgOblivion20181212 19.07.02.jpgOblivion20181212 19.07.18.jpgOblivion20181212 19.08.24.jpgOblivion20181212 19.12.21.jpgOblivion20181213 00.43.24.jpgOblivion20181213 00.45.32.jpgOblivion20181213 00.45.39.jpgOblivion20181213 00.46.07.jpgOblivion20181213 00.47.59.jpgOblivion20181213 00.48.51.jpgOblivion20181213 09.31.09.jpgOblivion20181213 19.25.29.jpgOblivion20181213 19.53.50.jpgOblivion20181216 17.52.20.jpgOblivion20181216 17.52.50.jpgOblivion20181216 17.54.44.jpgOblivion20181216 20.04.41.jpgOblivion20181216 21.01.32.jpg



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This is amazing. I literally just posted a message on your New Vegas page about doing bigger modded packs based on guides on the S.T.E.P wiki. If you could, PLEASE do more of these! These are what we all want for sure. Thank you again for your hard work!

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i am sorry but i underestimated work to put in Morroblivion repack ... it is epic bro , i had to take a lot of time to test and solve A LOT of issues (FPS drop down, LOD files, glitches and land display incoherancies, distance fade out for objects, trees, grass, ugridstoload problems (big objects like Open Cities Reborn Castles overhaul not displaying entirely)... shadows problems, windows lightning system not working properly at night (no lights at windows at night) ... stuttering, optimizing all meshes (with Oblivion PyFFI Automator : 2 days of processing 24h/24h) and done 3 textures packs (512, 1024, and full textures up to 4096)... i had to find the correct settings to allow users with GPU not as powerfull as 1080 Ti to be able to play !!

I had to set distant building to off as LOD files (from TES4LODGEN) are really hurting FPS as soon as they are installed and loaded in game ... i also had to turn off exterior shadows as they were not nice in the new trees foliage/leaves textures and it gave me an extra boost to run the game more smoothly (I have a GTX 780 OC Factory 1.1 Ghz + 3 GB Vram!!) ... apart from that i have all settings to 100% @ 1920*1200

I am currently repacking everything and i have done half of it !

but so far i had no CTD, i have some fps slow down in some places but with Streamline and proper settings for it i can play the game within 20 and 50 FPS average and almost no stutter : it is playable but an POWERFULL GPU is still very much recommended to play this hybride modded game ( nothing under GTX680/GTX780 and minimum (absolute) 2 GB of VRAM ) ... I

I have included ini backups for OSR, Oblivion Reloaded, Oblivion.ini ... and these presets are more orientated to reach performance and not Full HD quality ... it is up to players to change these settings to add more details and quality if your GPU as room for it !! ... but it is already looking awesome like this and it won't make much more difference (better distant views, better mid range view with late fade out of trees, grass and objects... shadows maybe but i find it not good where there are lots of trees)

512 textures can give a boost to GPU with 2 Gb Vram only but will make new textures look like vanilla from close range ... eventhough game still look really nice and is far more detailed than vanilla game !!

1024 textures (i use this one) looks as nice as 2048 and 2048+ textures,  but help to save 10 Gb on HDD during installation and allow for GPU with only 3 GB of Vram to run the game : )


512 textures Pack : 6.5 Gb

1024 textures Pack : 15.2 GB

2048 and + textures pack : 25 GB

(all textures optimized with ordonerador)

Powerfull GPUs like GTX 1080 should disable (untick) Streamline  in load order to enjoy full details and lod distances ... if not disabled it can still change values if FPS drops down in some places (it should not as it is set to change game values if FPS gets under 25 FPS, but we never know)

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