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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Question 1: What is a "RIPPED Game" ?
Any "RIPPED" version of a game will have its movies/videos, multi-player, foreign languages, and sometimes even sounds ripped/removed.

Question 2: What is a "Game Repack" ?
Any "Repack" version of a game will have its multi-player and foreign languages ripped/removed keeping the movies/videos as it is or sometimes encoded to a lower bit-rate.

Question 3: What are the differences between "Full ISO" and a "Repack" ?
Basically, the difference is only the size. Multiplayer and languages except English mostly are not necessary to play a game so they are removed in a Repack to lower the game size for low network bandwidth/speed users.

Question 4: What is a "Darck Sonic Repack" ?
A game repack, with a little increase in data file size rather than usual or original repack of it which may have been posted in the main repacks section.

Question 5: What is a "Darck Special Edition Repack" ?
A game repack with all the cool stuff like mods, tools, fixes etc, Saves your lotta work.

Question 6: What is an "Emulated Game Repack" ?
A game repack which you can't run usually in your PC because of the compatibility issues e.g RPCS3, CemU, Citra games.

Question 7: What is a "Non-Official Repack" ?
Game repacks mainly repacked by our members which are interested and fascinated about the game repacks and or data compression.

Question 8: What is an "Anthology Repack" ?
Huge game repacks because it may contain all the repacks based on the game series selected, e.g Assassin's Creed Series, Batman Series, Just Cause Series etc

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