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A Detailed Information About Darck Group Ranks

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Hello there Darckians, so as you know we have many group ranks in the Darck community which needed to be explain to all of the users.

We have currently these group ranks in Darck Repacks: In order from highest to lowest

Administrators, Retired AdminsRetired Staff, Executives , Super Moderators Moderators, Junior Moderators, Programmers, Donators, VIPs, Pro Crackers, Graphic Designers, Game Modders, Uploaders, Repack Testers, Members

(The highest rank is "Administrator" which mainly handles the site and other issues with users accounts)

The Details of the Teams

The Darck Repackers Team: @PsYcHo_RaGE, @-I'M GΔMΞR-, @Abhinokvip99, @Mr. X

Founder: @Darck Knight

Programmer: @Jiva newstone

Current Forum Manager: @PsYcHo_RaGE


@Moderator [BOT] @Welcomer [BOT] @System [BOT] are Darcks Official accounts used for testing out the stuff in Darck Repacks and other backend, frontend things. These [BOTS] are used by Administrators mainly.
That's All guys hope this topic will help many users out in understanding the group ranks in Darck Repacks.
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