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Opera GX - Gaming Browser Made for Gamers

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Most PC users have the perception that web browsers hog a ton of RAM and CPU. Opera GX was made keeping this point in focus. Opera GX is a brand new browser released, especially for the gaming community. The browser has been made available for users of Windows 10 to try out. It is worth noting that this is an early access release and it will be expanding to other platforms other than Windows in the future.

Opera GX browser for gamers
The Opera GX web browser works on top of the Chromium engine. This is the rendering engine that acts as a backbone of Google Chrome as well as the new Microsoft Edge browser. This browser is not just built to emphasize Stadia and Project xCloud – but is meant to help games multitask while playing native games. A user will be able to seamlessly stream games on the Internet, use Twitch and other platforms while playing the games. It enables a limited allocation of resources to the browser where the performance with the games is not at all compromised.

For this, the following features have been introduced with the browser:

RAM Limiter.
CPU Limiter.
Twitch integration.

You can use these features in the Opera GX Control panel.

Opera has collaborated with sound designer, Ruben Rincon, and the Berlinist band to bring in a series of unique sounds to the new web browser. Also, with a collaboration with Razer and high customization opportunities, users can apply a ton of custom themes as per their own convenience. Also, there is a feed section built in the browser that will notify you about the latest related to the gaming industry. There are widgets giving a ton of information about the latest games with just a glance.

If you prefer less gaming, Opera has got you covered here as well. There is built-in integration with Facebook Messenger. Vkontakte, WhatsApp, and Telegram in the sidebar.

Lastly, the free unlimited VPN connection that comes with the browser broadens the scope of where you can navigate on the web. Being based on Chromium, you can use any extensions made for Google Chrome or uploaded to the Chrome Web Store.


Customizing the web browser
You can select the tuning icon on the top right corner to get to the browser options. Opera is calling it Easy setup.

You can select the accent color, the background image and perform other tasks for the browser like clearing the Browser data, Appearance, Features like Block ads, Play browser sounds, Downloads, Import passwords and bookmarks and more.

These settings can be broadly configured, and other Chromium-based settings are embedded inside the browser too. You can find them by selecting the Go to browser settings option in the bottom part of the panel.


Some other features
The browser is smart enough to mute the videos and advertisements that autoplay.
You can browse the Internet up to 3 times faster than the usual.


This initial version is dubbed as LVL 1 by Opera. You should be looking out for more enhancements to the existing features. Also, new features will be introduced as the web browser levels up in the coming years. You can download Opera GX browser from opera.com

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The last reply on this topic is older than 122 days. Please do not unnecessarily bump it. The most recent reply to this topic was posted 1322 days ago.

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