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HWIDGEN MkVI [hwid.kms38.gen.mk6]

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Permanent and Long-term activation for any edition of Windows 10

In Windows 10 all systems no matter how they were activated (be it via Upgrade from Windows 7/8.1 or by using a bought Retail or an embedded BIOS aka MSDM license) will be converted to a Digital License which is based on the Hard Ware ID (HWID) of the respective machine. This License is stored at MS Servers and will activate this machine every time it's freshly installed. Only hardware changes will cause the License being invalidated. By binding it to a Microsoft Account (MSA) you will be able to transfer it in latter case.
The process only needs to be performed once per machine. In later installs just skip any key prompts (choose 'I have no product key' during setup) and at first online contact the MS Server will recognize the HWID and grant activation automatically.


1. Download and extract the .zip file to a folder excluded from all AV programs.

2. Launch the executable with admin rights

NOTE: The tool performs several checks and may need a moment to appear, no need to panic, just wait a moment.

3. Select an appropriate "Work Mode" and click "START" 

4. Wait for the process to be finished, the status can be checked in the log window.

To verify if Windows is activated: Go to Settings > Update & Security > Activation 

5. Close the HWIDGEN application after everything's done. PC Restart is not required.

List of Work Modes:



Difference between HWID & KMS(38) Activation:


  • Stands for Key Management System.
  • Works by renewing a license every few months (default 180 days)
  • Is a legitimate Microsoft tool heavily used in enterprise and education scenarios.
  • KMS piracy simply redirects KMS to a fake KMS server which will always return a positive response.

KMS38 (Windows 10 only)

  • KMS38 is simply activation until 2038 (not for 38 years), however it has some fundamental differences to most KMS activators:
  • It is a completely offline process (uses a grace period).
  • Does not require any license renewal or any interaction with Microsoft or third party servers.

HWID (Windows 10 only)

  • Is a permanent digital license activation tied to your motherboard.
  • Upgrading from Windows 7 or above (legitimately activated / pirated) will generate one on your PC for free. Keys you buy from Microsoft legitimately work the same.
  • HWID activation survives re-installs of windows as well.
  • If you sign into your Microsoft account on a HWID-activated install, then change your motherboard or other hardware extensively, re-install Windows and lose activation, you can just sign back into the Microsoft account on your PC and Windows will be activated.
  • HWID piracy (hwidgen) works by using parts of your system to generate a ticket which is then sent to Microsoft servers which return a key, which is then installed.



--added option to clean ClipSVC tokens, this can be used to activate System Images on different machines since
    you cannot activate 2 systems using the same tokens

--processes have been reworked
--AiO slc.dll for HWID and KMS38 processes
--new DLL uses gatherosstate.exe from 17134 ADK, only LTSB 2015 uses modded version of it
--processes now read SKU-ID directly from the OS
--channel is determined from DigitalProductId4, the SKU ID is determined from kernel value.
--TargetSKU.txt now uses generic values for OS detection and process
--TargetSKU.txt can still use SKU-ID value as fallback
--implemented checks for service functionality of wuauserv, clipsvc, wlidsvc and sppsvc
--System checks will try to enable any disabled service(s) temporarily and start them to assure working processes
--changes are redone after checking and during the processes
--error messages will help to determine problems

--processes have been reworked (thanks to Sponpa for inspiration)
--separated slc.dll for HWID and KMS38
--both use gatherosstate.exe from 17134 ADK, only LTSB 2015 uses modded version of it
--processes now read SKU-ID from temp file, no registry entries needed

--changed KMS38 fake IP to use documentation purpose block, i.e.:
--fixed broken headers in patched gatherosstate.exe files (LTSB 2015 and LTSC)
--removed compress2txt to fix broken silent mode
--removed 2nd tab, latest KMS_VL_ALL now properly detects KMS38 Windows
--lic.switcher updated to v0.22.04
--fixed Server gVLK detection for 2016/2019 (no 2013 support)
--tested KMS38 support for Server Standard/Datacenter 2016 and 2019
--added ServerRdsh[Core] (Ent for Virtual Desktops) HWID and KMS38 support
--re-work to use the compress2txt method by AveYo
--EXE files are decoded directly on demand
--Update LIC.SWITCHER to v.0.11.15
    ++changed ISOLABEL creation to use more informative naming scheme
    ++fixed some key confusion in FILE TOOLS (thanks to J05H)
    ++re-work to use the compress2txt method by AveYo
    ++EXE files are decoded directly on demand
    ++some love for abbodi1406 and ServerRdsh[Core]
    ++fixed Server gVLK detection for 2016/2019 (no 2013 support)
    ++added Any-Time-Upgrade and Up/Downgrade for Server Standard/Datacenter 2016 and 2019
--changed build delta nr detection to use UBR
--fixed bug in sys key detection (thanks to [email protected])
--added reworked net adapter checks from lic.switcher
    ==KMS activate by excluding KMS38 and other permanently activated Windows
    ==Create/Delete KMS task
    ==Get OA3 BIOS key (if any)
    ==set custom key
    ==Activate online (for custom key set)
    ==KeyCheck for Edition and Lic Channel
--added latest lic.switch 10.04

--made the CoreToPro In-place-Upgrade in License Switcher fully automatic
--added Info Splash Screen and made it default Mode at tool start-up
--added Rearm Mode in case Office is installed, else better use Clean (Reboot is mandatory for Rearm!)
--changed Grace to show days
--change appearence of warning for silent modes (now at first/next user login)
--added Modes to enable/disable the network adapter
--added LicenseSwitch Tool:
    ++In-Place-Upgrade Core(N) to Professional(N), copies needed Pro key to clipboard and invokes the
    'Change Product Key' GUI, just Right-Clich 'Paste.
    ++License-Switch versions from 1803 up to wished edition, reboot required.
--added adapted version of KMS_VL_ALL (Manual Only) with KMS38 detection to OP

--fixed borked silent mode
--switched to the new naming hence a refresh
--added KMS Host setting to KMS38 process to avoid DNS queries
--added dedicated Modes for HWID, KMS19, HWID/gVLK install and a Clean Mode to break the 180 days KMS lock
--HWID: all normal editions with LTSB 2015/16
--KMS19: [!!!offline!!!]  all normal editions, LTSB 2016, LTSC 2019 and some Servers (see list above)
--added refreshed system check to all processes
--new silent switches: hwid and kms19
--added 1809 gatherosstate.exe, added LTSC/Server (2016/19) support for offline KMS activation (19 years grace)
--fixed incorrect reg delete (thanks to angelkyo for the hint)
--corrected the Win 7 compat entry (thanks to the alert source)
--fixed broken LTSB 2016 process
--added Enterprise LTSB 2015 (N) support (tested on non-N version) (thanks to hwidmod for the gatherosstate.exe needed)
--added Key-Install-Mode (Drop-Down-Menu) to allow fast switch to Retail/OEM on re-Installs with VL ISO, which already have HWID and don't need the whole process, tool will show this key in System Info if not installed
--changed process slightly to run gatherosstate.exe in Win 7 compatibility mode, so created ticket will have operation system info set to Windows 7, this better mimiks the original ticket from a Win 7 system
             optimized the Splash screens
--added hyperlinks to nsane and aiowares forums threads for info and support
--changed the initial Msgbox to splash screen with no user intervention
--reworked system check
--added LTSB 2015 (only non-N and not tested so far) and native splash screen to silent mode
--fixed spelling error in splash pic
--fixed the KMS detection (will work on activated KMS systems now) amd added silent mode
--added Messagebox to inform user tool-start-up might need a moment, fixed tool not closing when done via the 'X'
--changed disabled WU handling to: set to auto, start service, activate, stop service and set back to disabled
--added last checks and some code cleanup
--implemented disabled WU handling.

Silent Mode/Switches:


hwid.kms38.gen.mk6.exe kms38

hwid.kms38.gen.mk6.exe hwid

File Hashes (EXE):


BLAKE2sp: 45527c3aeeda2c0bb34d73d3d5719b7888499ca705452b834dad252adf58c2ac
SHA-1: 40779e9f591f0ae04e6967095b4974d04a5f2984
SHA-256: af333dbeab9268398d985eb80c74adfaa84210a7e6222ab3fc1684a73f052ff1
SHA-384: a235cc6557252c76232890fe38098b205448039eddd29c37808c560c9b771a25d8fa4fc0f058cd9bed4e2990ec94e07f
SHA3-224: a4ae4cb97db166222370c3585df4db3c01d553f14cf3d0c18a461fb8
SHA3-256: d984607f3e72ce63e98d0c00a6637b1af2d8332e3a6561e13c6091a70714bf7c

FAQ : How can i verify this isn't malicious ?

  • This tool was created by s1ave77. It is a widely used, trusted and recommended tool in many places.
  • Scanning the tool for viruses will return some false positive Trojan detections. This is because the tool needs specific permissions to generate a ticket in order to get the activation key.
  • The working method of the tool is fully documented below:


# the files:

The Process:

#1. Copy files to a work folder, create exclusion in AV or disable temporarily. I will use d:\work as example.

#2. Install default generic key. Volume key (gVLK) for KMS38 or OEMRET for HWID (see included info TXT files).

cscript.exe %windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs /ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX

    #2.a KMS38 only: Create dummy KMS adress entry using the demo IP range. 

cscript.exe %windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs -skms

#3 LTSB 2015 only: rename gatherosstateLTSB15.exe to gatherosstate.exe (rename or overwrite the other).

#4. Depending on chosen process rename respective TargetSKU_XXXX.txt to TargetSKU.txt.

TargetSKU content syntax:



   SKUID = Any SKU ID number, -1 for autodetection
   MODE = 0 for HWID, 1 for KMS38, -1 for autodetection

Auto SKUID detection for HWID:

-1 0

Auto SKUID detection for KMS38:

-1 1

Professional with HWID:

48 0

#5.  Run gatherosstate.exe by (double-)clicking.

#6. To apply ticket:

 clipup -v -o -altto d:\work\

(note the trailing \)
    #6.a HWID only: force activation with:

cscript.exe %windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs /ato

#7. DONE. Congrats.

Download Link (Mirror 1):






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