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[APP UPDATED] Anime DL 4.0 is here : To Stream or download anime with one click

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Anime DL is Java application help to download multiple anime episode in one go with inbuilt Integrated download manager(High Speed) or Internet Download Manager.



Key Features in 4.0
    -Online streaming feature added 
    -Auto check for update

Key Features in 3.2:
    -New Source added with Fast & HD Links

Key Features in 3.1:
    -New source having HD & fast download anime links
    -Ability to select max number of simultaneous downloads.
    -Queue functon auto-starts when ever max simultaneous download limit eccesed.
    -Improved Queue function(fixed starting queue of download from recent added download)
    -New Setting UI
    -New Queue setting added for proper management of queue function

    -Multiple different servers sources to choose from. More sources are on the way.
    -Work on both windows and Linux.
    -Option for downloaing in 360p, 480p, 720p in source 1.
    -Download multiple or all episodes with one click in high speed.
    -Search anime by name.
    -Every anime episode will be saved in its dedicated folder by its name.
    -Download anime with high speed inbuilt downloader or IDMan.
    -Change default download location in settings for inbuilt downloader.

    -Java 8 or higher installed.
    -VLC Player Libs
     Set the VLCLibs path in setting to installed VLC player
     Download the VLCLibs.zip from animewebdl site and place the VLCLibs folder in same location as jar file.

        Note: For 32 bit java please select 32 bit VLC libs and for 64 bit java please select VLC libs.

    -For IDMan to work - add path of idman folder to window 'PATH' See below steps:
      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager"
      "Your Internet download manager installation path"

      Steps as Below:
      --Go to Computers--Properties--Advanced System Settings--Environment Variables--
      in system Variables
      double click "Path" and add your IDMAN installtion path to Varible Value Editbox
      Press Enter.

Change history v3.2 build 0000
-New Source added with Fast & HD Links
-Few Bugs fixed

change history v3.1 build 0000

-New source 2 added with HD quality episodes.
-max download limit feature added.
-Queue function updated.
-New setting UI
-New queue settings - move up-down, remove & add function.
-Added resolution identification

Change Log v3.0 build 0006
-Fixed bugs
-Changed loading UI

Change Log v3.0:
-Fixed both sources
-Optimized code
-Optimized application size from 11.1Mb to 772kb
-Updated GUI for Anime details page
-Fixed download all function
-Singal excutable file to operate.

Start the application from bat file for windows users if jar file not starts.

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