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AMD Working On Potential Radeon RX 480 PCIe Power Draw Fix

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AMD has issued a statement regarding the potentially harmful power draw of its Radeon RX 480 graphics card, admitting there is a problem during certain situations but a potential fix is on the way.

The problem stems from certain review units drawing on more than the recommended safe limit of 75W from the PCI express slot on the motherboard. While it would have little immediate impact on performance, in the long term it could prove potentially damaging to the motherboard itself.

“As you know, we continuously tune our GPUs in order to maximize their performance within their given power envelopes and the speed of the memory interface, which in this case is an unprecedented 8Gbps for GDDR5,” writes AMD in an official statement.

“Recently, we identified select scenarios where the tuning of some RX 480 boards was not optimal. Fortunately, we can adjust the GPU’s tuning via software in order to resolve this issue.

"We are already testing a driver that implements a fix, and we will provide an update to the community on our progress on Tuesday (July 5, 2016).”

There was a fear that the problem could have been a hardware issue linked with the use of a single 6-pin power connector rather than a more reliably 8-pin connection. It’s good to see it should be a simple software fix from AMD’s end, but there are question marks raised over whether this will affect the Radeon RX 480’s performance and/or overclocking capability.


{Directly From GD}

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