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Gates of Hell v1.0 -DARCK | 2.09 GB

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Gates Of Hell

Repack Size: 2.09 GB
Original Size: 3.82 GB
Genre: Action
Developer: Super Icon Ltd
Publisher: Super Icon Ltd
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Game Info Button.png



Prophesied through the ages, the end of the age of man is at hand. You are the Angel Cassiel, sent to Earth to destroy Satan's Demon legions before they purge the land of all mankind.

Gates of Hell is a fast-paced first-person shooter where you must battle through relentless waves of Demonic terror!


There is nowhere to hide as you battle through Hell’s raging demon hordes. Keep on the move, find and equip powerful Angelic and Demonic weapons and stay alive as long as you can.

How long can you survive?



  • Face down Horrific Demon Enemies; blood dripping zombie terrors, mutated humans, dark sorcerers, living skulls and huge demon bosses
  • Arena Based FPS Shooting set over a range of detailed 3D levels with cool visual effects and camera filters
  • Equip Angelic and Demonic Weaponry and power-ups to destroy the Demon hordes, including Satan's Hammer, the Staff of Pain, God Bombs and many more!
  • Arcade Score Multiplier System for score-attack gameplay, with online leaderboard support
  • Extensive Player Achievements and Rewards



Gates of Hell continues our Super Arcade range of games, which began with Vektor Wars. An Arcade game played at home; pure action gameplay, high score chasing, fast reactions and lots and lots of blasting!

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PC Requirements Button.png



Gates Of hell system req.PNG


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  • This Repack is Updated to Latest Version v1.0
  • Install Time 2 - 4 Minutes




Gates Of Hell.nfo

Repack NFO Button.png



Gates Of Hell.png

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