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Song of Horror Episode 3 [Update 1 + MULTi4] -DARCK | 7.07 GB

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Song of Horror Episode III

Repack Size: 7.07 GB
Original Size: 11.50 GB
Genre: Adventure, Horror
Developer: Protocol Games
Publisher: Raiser Games
Platforms: Microsoft Windows


Previously, in Song of Horror…

Your second encounter with The Presence led you to Färber’s antique shop, where you managed to get your hands on a key artifact. Your adventure drove you to some terrifying answers, as well as new questions about the curse of the Husher family.

Wanting to get rid of the haunting song, you decide to follow Husher’s investigation at the State University of Arts and Humanities he works at - both Husher’s place of work, and mysteriously the last place he was seen alive. Joining forces with his closest acquaintances, you enter the building, where The Presence is more aggressive than ever before.

What’s new in Song of Horror’s Episode 3?

  • Continue the adventure in a haunted university, cursed by the Song of Horror
  • A new way of experiencing Song of Horror: Change characters throughout the episode on some particular points to explore and progress through different areas of the university.
  • New characters join the story: Omar Nassiri, Husher’s coworker, and Grace Richards, Husher’s pupil, as well as an appearance from a surprising character
  • Featuring even more unique events, threats, and challenges by The Presence






Song Of Horror  System Req.PNG






  • This Repack is Updated to Latest Version Episode III - Update 1
  • Languages: English, French, German, Spanish
  • Install Time: 3 - 5 Minutes
  • NOTES. This release is standalone and includes episodes 1-3.




Song Of Horror NFO.png


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