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One Piece World Seeker The Unfinished Map [Episode 3 + MULTi13] -DARCK | 16.7 GB


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One Piece World Seeker The Unfinished Map

Repack Size: 16.6 GB
Original Size: 22.05 GB
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: GANBARION CO. Ltd
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Platforms: Microsoft Windows


Play as Law as he takes the stage as a new playable character in this extra episode.

While pirates and the Navy gather to look for the "treasure" of Prison Island, Law heads to a sky island in search of this treasure and meets a young boy named Roule.
What is the connection between the unfinished map the boy is drafting and the island's darkness?
Explore Skypiea, which floats above Prison Island, to reach the conclusion of The Unfinished Map.

[New Transport: Karoo] Karoo is added as a feature for Luffy's main adventure!
Hop on Karoo and explore Jail Island in a whole new way!






One Piece System Req.PNG






  • This Repack is Updated to Latest Version Build Episode 3
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish-Latin America, Traditional Chinese
  • Install Time 4 - 6 Minutes
  • Based on One Piece World Seeker The Unfinished Map-CODEX


This Release Includes:
• ONE PIECE World Seeker (main game)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – Extra Episode 1: Void Mirror Prototype (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – Extra Episode 2: Where Justice Lies (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – Extra Episode 3: The Unfinished Map (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – Pre-Order DLC Bundle (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – Kintaro Outfit (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – Raid Suit (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – AniSong Pack (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – Episode Pass (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – Bathing Suit Outfit (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – Battle Outfit (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – Island Exploration Mission (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – Kung Fu Outfit (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – Hunter Outfit (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – White Suit Outfit (DLC)
• ONE PIECE World Seeker – Treasure Hunting Outfit (DLC)





One Piece World Seeker NFO.png


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