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GTA V | Convert Steam/Cracked version into Epic Games version

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So Yeah you can covert/copy GTA V cracked/steam version into Epic Games version.

Also you can follow this step if you are facing problem in downloading GTA V from epic Games. For this download GTA V Repack Here )

It is because EG limited the bandwidth in some regions.

Now follow my step carefully!

  1. First backup GTA V ( STEAM/Cracked Users )
  2. STEAM game dir (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V)
  3. Delete Trainer, MODS etc. Using mods trainers in online mode will ban your account.
    ( STEAM/Cracked Users )
  4. Delete following files ( Cracked Users )delete.PNG.5b9c7295513d83bd1e4e81e8d6f83d43.PNG
  5. Go to EG Store and select where u want to install it and start the downloading. ( STEAM/Cracked Users )
  6. Let it download the game around 500MB.
  7. Pause the download and exit Epic games launcher.
  8. Now copy/cut all the file from the backup.
  9. After copying them, go to GTAV folder ( EG GTA FOLDER )
  10. The folder will look like this.Captudre.PNG.87190a47cf6bfad87b71bb69a5482823.PNG
  11. Do not delete or move any folder from here.
  12. Paste the Game file here ( EG GTA V FOLDER ) Captudre.thumb.PNG.28f343b8dba355c8b2ca949f8710bc2d.PNG
  13. Now Open EG Launcher and resume the download
  14. After that cancel download and go to your library
  15. Click on GTA V Cover it will start verifying( TAKE 5 - 15 MINS )Captudre.PNG.a5727f3b2795796d4e892ef17b210024.PNG
  16. After that download will be started around few GB  ( SIZE DEPEND ON VERSION OF THE GAME )Captudre.PNG.489d2d8887c5e913ab9114b4c4f04063.PNG

Enjoy the game!

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