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Anime DL downloading and streaming software for both mobile and PC

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[Update] Anime DL  v5.3 build 0001 new version(Download all anime episodes with one click)

Anime DL v5.3 is available with faster anime browsing.
Steaming and Downloading animes becomes easy.

New Version Feature and Changes
- Source 2 fixed for streaming and downlaoding. Now having both subbed and dubbed anime with highspeed links.
- Both Linux and Windows supported
- Auto check for update
- No installation require works with java
- Multiple sources to download from. More sources on the way.
- Stream or Download all or multiple episode with single clicks from a single window.
- Easy to use and navigate
- Integrated download manager ported from popular "XDM" download manager.
- You can choose from two download managers 1. Integrated or 2. Idman if you have installed
- Queue support. you change can how many files to download parallelly.
- VLC libs support used for streaming
- Added Keyboard keylistner to searchbar and VLC.
- New Source added in place of source 3, Best highspeed 1080p videos stream and download.
- Faster anime searching and loading.
- Improvement to GUI interface.
- Added new source - 1080p links of size ~150 to ~200mb
- Bug fixed - images not displaying on correct anime name under source 0.
- Added Functionality(Video Player) - "Esc" button to exit fullscreen.
- Added Functionality(App) - last watched anime option added to panel for information and same can be used to continue watching the episode.
- Added Functionality(App) - Option to select number of episodes to download in Anime Panel.
- Improvement to error handling.
- and many more

- If you have any suggestion or new feature idea feel free to contact me.
- I want make this app to reach as many as people as possible please help me with that as i don't know any other platform to share this app.
- For any issue feel free to email me.(Email in about of application)
- Due to some issue with VLC libs Streaming nto working from source 1, However downloading working fine.
- Source 4 server is down. It will work when the server bacsk again.

Download Link:- https://archive.org/details/animedl4.0_202004

For Mobile use this link: https://archive.org/details/anime-dl-mobile/

    -Java 8 or higher installed.
    -VLC Player Libs(For Streaming)
     Set the VLCLibs path in setting to installed VLC player
     Download the [VLCLibs.zip] from below link and place the VLCLibs folder in same location as jar file.
        Note: For 32 bit java please select 32 bit VLC libs and for 64 bit java please select VLC libs.

    -For IDMan to work - add path of idman folder to window 'PATH' See below steps:
      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager"
      "Your Internet download manager installation path"

      Steps as Below:
      --Go to Computers--Properties--Advanced System Settings--Environment Variables--
      in system Variables
      double click "Path" and add your IDMAN installation path to Variables Value Editbox
      Press Enter.
Start the application from bat file for windows users if jar file not starts.


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