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hey guys i want to enter the repacking scene and want to know what are the resources and courses and skills .....etc i should get to start learning how to repack games? thanks

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Repacking is not scene!

there are many many many resources available, and you need to know batch scripting a bit, pascal programming language, hex editing(Reverse Engineering but optional if you don't want to become next FG) and common sense!

you download the resources and start your journey.

Ofc, you can ask more questions, more is always better :thinkagain:

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14 hours ago, Ahmed Ghazi said:

thanks but i cant find any resources on reverse engineering could you please give me some? and on compression too if possible ? ty in advance

you won't! because you'd just need a hex editor to start with as it can be used to check the data files of various games

we have a dedicated section of downloads where you'd find the popular compression tools to download

for example: a precompressor namely "XTool" which pre-compresses the files

Google "precompression" if you don't know what its!

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@PsYcHo_RaGE could you lay out the basic steps to make a repack? From my reading it seems like you would want to

1. analyze the game data (reverse engineering part) - using a hex editor

2. precompress (using the info gained from step 1) - xtools or similar software

3. compress - I'm not really sure what to use here 7z, zip?

4. make an installer that will decompress and has options - Not sure what to use at this step either


Please pardon any errors I may have made and feel free to correct them so that others don't get confused my by lack of knowledge.


I'm mainly focused on trying to repack games in a way that will work nicely with linux under wine. I'm at step 0 atm haha

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Analyzing = yes yes! but not always the hex editor....its only when you want to become next FG...lol

plain repacking involves only batch scripting and some common sense

pascal programming language needed if you want to code your installer on your own

Precompression? not always needed....sometimes its preprocessing first or something else like compression!

make an installer, yes :)

and keep your questions limited to a specific topic as to avoid any confusions ;)

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