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Jeppesen Cycle DVD 2026 Full World (English)


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Size File: 3.28 GB

Program description

Program for planning and calculating the flight route of an airplane (helicopter) using aeronautical information maps from Jeppesen. Allows you to automatically plot and calculate a route for a certain type of aircraft.

Consists of three parts. Updated every two weeks. JeppView program - reference material in electronic form, you can also print the necessary airport layouts - all Jeppesen (maps, airport layouts, etc.), FliteStar / FliteMap - a program for automatic planning and calculation of a flight route, print a logbook with a flight calculation, it is also possible to connect a GPS and use it as a navigator, FliteDeck - a GPS navigator for use in flight (requires a GPS receiver). Includes everything you need for installation.

Add. Info: Coverage Code - Full Worldwide: 176MD24131

For other coverage codes, see below.

First installation
If you are installing the program for the first time and your system has not been installed before, use the following code for the registry:

After the program is installed, for the first launch, select "Active by phone" and enter the following code:

There are specific coverage codes for each cycle.
Also, I recommend using the C drive for installation (this can cause problems if you are installing elsewhere).

Usage Notes

The installer will prompt you to install the Jeppesen CDA Service. It is not required to use JeppView 3 and probably not required to use JeppView for Windows. This will mostly cause you problems, so I recommend canceling this part of the setting when it appears.
After installing updated data, JeppView 3 may still complain about stale data. To fix this problem, go to:
and copy the entire "EnrouteData" folder to:
Overwrite on request.
As you enter coverage code sequences from the Easy Entry list below, you will notice that the setting does not display new coverage areas after a while. This is fine because the installer will actually install all the areas for which you entered codes, even if they do not appear in the window.

Other coverage codes

Africa => 176MD24130
Africa - Military Supplement => 176MB24143
Alaska => 176KE24157
All Europe => 176MI24139
Americas - Military Supplement => 176MF24139
Atlantic Special Manual Transatlantic => 176MC24131
Australasia => 176MG24137
Australia => 176MO24129
Austria => 176MI24143
BUNDLE - APAC => 176ML24135
BUNDLE - All Europe & Atlantic => 176PD24183
BUNDLE - Americas => 176MP24131
BUNDLE - EMEAI => 176MD24135
BUNDLE - Latin & South Americas => 176KP24147
BUNDLE - Middle & Far East => 176KL24151
BUNDLE - North America => 176PP24179
BUNDLE - Pacific => 176LL24135
Brazil => 176MD24140
Canada => 176MA24141
Canada - Alaska => 176MA24129
Canada - East => 176ME24137
Canada - West => 176PE24189
Canada - West/Alaska => 176ME24141
Caribbean => 176MG24136
Central Europe => 176ME24135
China => 176MC24130
Eastern Europe => 176MA24130
Eastern Europe Special Manual => 176MA24142
Europe => 176PI24187
Europe - Mediterranean => 176MA24131
Europe - Military Supplement => 176MF24143
Far East => 176MG24141
France => 176ME24143
Full Worldwide => 176MD24131
Germany => 176ME24139
Hawaii => 176MC24141
India => 176MD24141
Italy => 176MA24139
Latin America => 176MC24128
Mexico => 176MC24140
Middle East and South Asia => 176MD24129
Middle East and South Asia - Military Supplement => 176MN24131
New Zealand => 176MK24133
North Sea => 176MI24135
Northern Europe => 176MA24135
Northern South America => 176MH24136
Pacific Basin => 176MC24129
Pacific Basin - Military Supplement => 176MB24135
Scandinavia => 176MM24131
South Africa => 176MD24142
South America => 176MD24128
Southern South America => 176MH24140
Spain => 176MM24135
U.S. Ports of Entry - Latin America Supplement => 176MG24140
USA - 48 States => 176MB24129
USA - California & Nevada => 178PB21621
USA - Central => 176MF24141
USA - Central & West => 176MN24129
USA - East => 176MB24141
USA - East & Central => 176MF24137
USA - Florida & Bahamas => 178KB21597
USA - Great Lakes => 176MN24133
USA - Gulf of Mexico => 176PN24185
USA - High Performance 4000 => 176MF24133
USA - North Central => 176MJ24133
USA - North Central & Great Lakes => 176MJ24141
USA - Northeast => 176PB24189
USA - Northwest => 176KB24149
USA - South Central => 176MB24137
USA - Southeast => 176KB24157
USA - Southeast & South Central => 176MN24137
USA - Southwest => 176PB24181
USA - West => 176MB24133
United Kingdom & Ireland => 176MA24143
VFR - Austria => 176PA24188
VFR - Belgium and Luxembourg => 176KA24156
VFR - Bosnia and Herzegovina => 176PE24184
VFR - Canary Islands => 176PE24188
VFR - Central Europe => 176MA24140
VFR - Channel Islands => 176LA24132
VFR - Croatia => 176KE24152
VFR - Czech Republic => 176LA24140
VFR - Denmark => 176PM24176
VFR - Eastern Europe => 176ME24136
VFR - Estonia => 176LE24136
VFR - Europe => 176MA24128
VFR - Finland => 176KM24144
VFR - France => 176IA24156
VFR - Germany => 176AA24140
VFR - Greece => 176IE24152
VFR - Hungary => 176AE24136
VFR - Ireland => 176PA24180
VFR - Italy and Malta => 176KE24156
VFR - Latvia => 176FE24136
VFR - Lithuania => 176FE24168
VFR - Macedonia => 176NE24152
VFR - Netherlands => 176FA24140
VFR - Norway => 176LM24128
VFR - Poland => 176JE24152
VFR - Portugal => 176LE24140
VFR - Scandinavia => 176MM24128
VFR - Serbia-Montenegro => 176ME24152
VFR - Slovakia => 176PE24168
VFR - Slovenia => 176IE24168
VFR - Southern Europe => 176ME24140
VFR - Spain => 176IE24156
VFR - Spain & Canary Islands => 176AE24140
VFR - Sweden => 176IM24144
VFR - Switzerland => 176FA24172
VFR - United Kingdom => 176KA24148
VFR - United Kingdom & Channel Islands => 176IA24148
VFR - United Kingdom & Ireland => 176MA24132
Venezuela => 176PH24184
World - Basic => 176MB24130
World - Basic [Airport Diagrams] => 176MB24142
Worldwide - Military Supplement => 176MB24131
Xpress USA - California => 179PB23925
Xpress USA - Central => 176PN24177
Xpress USA - East => 178PB21629
Xpress USA - East Central => 176PN24181
Xpress USA - Florida => 179KB23901
Xpress USA - Great Lakes => 176KN24149
Xpress USA - Michigan => 176LN24133
Xpress USA - Mid-Atlantic => 179PB23933
Xpress USA - Mid-South => 181KB22237
Xpress USA - North Central => 176PJ24189
Xpress USA - Northeast => 181PB22269
Xpress USA - Northwest => 178KB21589
Xpress USA - South Central => 176KB24153
Xpress USA - Southeast => 178KB20957
Xpress USA - Southwest => 181PB22261
Xpress USA - Texas => 176LB24137
Xpress USA - West Central => 176PJ24181

Easy input

176MD24130 176MB24143 176KE24157 176MI24139
176MF24139 176MC24131 176MG24137 176MO24129
176MI24143 176ML24135 176PD24183 176MP24131
176MD24135 176KP24147 176KL24151 176PP24179
176LL24135 176MD24140 176MA24141 176MA24129
176ME24137 176PE24189 176ME24141 176MG24136
176ME24135 176MC24130 176MA24130 176MA24142
176PI24187 176MA24131 176MF24143 176MG24141
176ME24143 176MD24131 176ME24139 176MC24141
176MD24141 176MA24139 176MC24128 176MC24140
176MD24129 176MN24131 176MK24133 176MI24135
176MA24135 176MH24136 176MC24129 176MB24135
176MM24131 176MD24142 176MD24128 176MH24140
176MM24135 176MG24140 176MB24129 178PB21621
176MF24141 176MN24129 176MB24141 176MF24137
178KB21597 176MN24133 176PN24185 176MF24133
176MJ24133 176MJ24141 176PB24189 176KB24149
176MB24137 176KB24157 176MN24137 176PB24181
176MB24133 176MA24143 176PA24188 176KA24156
176PE24184 176PE24188 176MA24140 176LA24132
176KE24152 176LA24140 176PM24176 176ME24136
176LE24136 176MA24128 176KM24144 176IA24156
176AA24140 176IE24152 176AE24136 176PA24180
176KE24156 176FE24136 176FE24168 176NE24152
176FA24140 176LM24128 176JE24152 176LE24140
176MM24128 176ME24152 176PE24168 176IE24168
176ME24140 176IE24156 176AE24140 176IM24144
176FA24172 176KA24148 176IA24148 176MA24132
176PH24184 176MB24130 176MB24142 176MB24131
179PB23925 176PN24177 178PB21629 176PN24181
179KB23901 176KN24149 176LN24133 179PB23933
181KB22237 176PJ24189 181PB22269 178KB21589
176KB24153 178KB20957 181PB22261 176LB24137

Release date : 2020
Version : 2026
Developer : Jeppesen Developer
Interface language : English
Tabletka : not required
System requirements : Windows 7, 8, 10







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