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Jeppesen Cycle DVD 2102 Full World (English)

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Size File: 3.28 GB

Program for planning and calculating the flight path of an airplane (helicopter) using Jeppesen aeronautical information maps. It allows you to automatically plot and calculate a route for a certain type of aircraft.

It consists of three parts. Updated every two weeks. JeppView program: reference material in electronic format, you can also print the necessary airport designs - all Jeppesen (maps, airport designs, etc.), FliteStar / FliteMap - a program for automatic planning and calculation of a route of flight, print a log book with a flight calculation, it is also possible to connect a GPS and use it as a navigator, FliteDeck - a GPS navigator for use in flight (requires a GPS receiver). Includes everything you need for installation.

Add. Information: Coverage Code - Worldwide: 132JI38151

For other coverage codes, see below.

First installation
If you are installing the program for the first time and your system has not been installed before, use the following code for registration:

After installing the program, for the first launch, select "Active by phone" and enter the following code:


There are specific coverage codes for each cycle.
Also, I recommend using drive C for installation (this can cause problems if you are installing elsewhere).

Usage Notes

The installer will ask you to install the Jeppesen CDA service. You do not need to use JeppView 3 and it is probably not necessary to use JeppView for Windows. This will mainly cause you problems, so I recommend canceling this part of the settings when it appears.
After installing the updated data, JeppView 3 may still complain of stale data. To solve this problem, go to:
C: \ ProgramData \ Jeppesen \ FliteDeck3
and copy the entire "EnrouteData" folder to:
C: \ ProgramData \ Jeppesen \ JeppView3
Overwrite on request.
As you enter coverage code sequences from the Easy Entry list below, you will notice that the settings do not show new coverage areas after a while. This is fine because the installer will actually install all the areas you entered codes for, even if they don't appear in the window.

Other coverage codes

Release date: 2021
Version: 2102
Developer: Jeppesen Developer
Interface language: English
Register: Serial
System requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10




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