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Nvidia GeForce 372.70 Driver Arrives With Battlefield 1 Beta And Fast Sync Support

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The Battlefield 1 beta is out today for Battlefield Insiders and tomorrow for the rest of us. Right in the nick of time Nvidia has arrived with a Game Ready driver which should ensure optimum performance. It’s also joined by a couple of other biggies in the shape of World of Warcraft: Legion and the Steam release of Quantum Break.

In the case of the latter this should be doubly important. Performance in the DirectX 12 Windows Store version was terrible, so anything Nvidia can do to help improve on this has to be a bonus.


Each of the Game Ready updates in the GeForce 372.70 driver should ensure the best possible optimisation and performance for this trio of games. These things are never perfect though, as we saw with Nvidia’s last driver release, so if you do encounter any issues then be prepared to roll back.

Unusually for Nvidia there’s no new SLI profiles included, although I’d imagine Battlefield 1 and WoW: Legion work in SLI from the get-go.

Last but not least the 372.70 WHQL drive comes with support for Fast Sync on Maxwell GPUs (GTX 900 series, 750 & 750 Ti). In a nutshell this lets you turn off V-Sync and yet virtually eliminates screen tearing, all with just marginally more input lag than with V-Sync set to Off.

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