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First 7th-Gen Intel Kaby Laky CPUs Arrive For Mobile - Desktop To Launch January 2017

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Intel has launched the first Kaby Lake chips, the successor to its Skylake CPUs. For now though we’re only being treated to the mobile Kaby Lake processors with desktop units to follow in January 2017.

The arrival of a new CPU family should be an exciting event, but being limited to mobile CPUs it’s not the grandest launch the world has ever seen. Nevertheless, for those after a spot of gaming on the go these 7th gen Intel Core processors offer "more responsive performance than ever before.” It’s all been achieved the same 14nm manufacturing process, one which Intel has dubbed 14nm+ due to architectural improvements. An incremental update rather than anything, Kaby Lake mobile offers performance 12% faster than Skylake, as well as 19% faster web browsing.


Intel’s wording around the matter is a little bizarre however. Apparently the Skylake CPUs have “more than 70% faster productivity than a 5-year-old PC” and “five times better 3D graphics performance than a 5-year-old PC”. I’d prefer to know where it stands compared to desktop’s today than back in 2011.

Anyway, these Kaby Lake CPUs are also marginally more power efficient than Skylake, somewhere in the region of 25%. Due to the advancements made Intel expects there to be laptops manufactured this year “thinner than 10mm”, which would be quite the achievement.

A total of three Kaby Lake-U (Ultrabook) CPUs have arrived alongside alongside a trio of Kaby Lake Y.








They’re all available right now, so keep an eye out for these in forthcoming laptops, ultrabooks and tablets. As for whether you need these in your life right now, the performance gains are so small as to be almost insignificant. Should you be after a new laptop though, it makes sense to go for Kaby Lake in regards to performance efficiency.

For the rest of us, the wait begins until January 2017 when we can expect the full fat desktop Kaby Lake units to arrive.

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