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File Submission Guidelines

Note: We use the downloads system for all uploads, no external links please! unless approved by an Administrator or their is an exception.

To keep everything running as safely and smoothly as possible, we have a few guidelines regarding uploads:

  • Please post all files in their corresponding category (software type, version, etc).
  • Please check if the file already exists, if it does but it's outdated, report the old file page.
  • Do NOT post downloads with passwords or files in them that advertise other sites (this includes links/images to your own site or "credits" to yourself).
  • Do NOT repack releases and re-upload them. There is no need for redundant copies of the same file. This also circumvents our daily download cap.
  • Do NOT post topics, send messages, or report files to remind us that they are pending approval.
  • Try to provide a good amount of information with your release.
  • File titles may NOT include dots or excessive use of special characters.

Useful Links:

If you have any questions or if you're hesitant about posting something somewhere, feel free to PM one of our Staff members. We typically reply within a day.

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